Term 3 reflection

Wow! another term gone by just like that so many great things to talk about were do I even begin oh yes SKI CAMP!!!!!!!it was the best experience of my life I loved snow boarding so much but it was so hard to get on the board because you had to strap on your feet so you wouldn’t fall off, on our first lesson the instructor told us to strap on one foot and we had a little scoot around on that.

Another great thing was the senior winter tournament it was really fun we won 4 games and lost 2 we all tried very hard but we did our best as a team but we all had a fun time so we didn’t care about losing that much but I was disappointed that we didn’t win them all but hey you cant win them all right.

The worst thing about this term was not being able to go out for class games more often. Other than that it was fun.

My onomatopoeia poem

We dribble the ball towards the hoop.

Boom! Boom!

I shoot the ball



Thats another point.

We speedily run back to position .

Squeak squeak

We turn around with determination to win the match


The opposition come towards us dribbling the ball

Boom boom boom

I charge at them



Oh no thats a foul


The whistle blows

Thats the end of the match we win




My descriptive writing

The old wrinkly man with long grey hair gazing  into the camera his face expressionless what must he be thinking is he sad or is he wondering whats going on, or thinking about what he’s going to do today or mabey he’s waiting for someone patiently waiting.

by dan the extremly awesome man






























My Bio poem

My name is….. Daniel.

Four words to describe me….. (insanly) funny(im the funniest guy in the class), awesome, sporty, gamer.

Son of my….. mother-Vicky father- Karlos Brother of  my older sis-Lara

I love…..Minecraft, Xbox360,Sports.

I feel sorry for…..Poor people homeless, people with disabilitys.

I need….. more lego, money, superpowers.

I give….. old toys,money, clothes.

I fear….. poisonous snakes and spiders and school.

I would like….. super powers,  more money,1 free wish.

I come from…..Germany( my ansestery) now in New zealand.

The Samoan Sasa

For the past few weeks we did a Samoan dance called a Sasa most of the weeks people hasled me to do the callings LOUDER, and people mostly people messed up the war dance and the waka and the kava, this girl in my class did the beat we had to listen to the beat changing most of us got it wrong and I admit that I was one of those people. To get it right we went to Youtube and looked at some of the other videos people have done in the past this gave us good ideas and we used some of them in our Sasa.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day

One of the only days of the year you have to be super nice to her. I got up went straight to the kitchen and made breakfast in bed(it dose not have to extra spiecal its just got to be served with love) for my mum and a coffee. When she got up we went out for lunch at the beach and I brought her a present, we got home I did the lawns and the house work even the dishes. At dinner time we had a lamb roast then I went to bed be cause I was tired and thats what I did for mother’s day

Book talk on Angry Aztecs by Terry Derry

History today is boring right?  That’s because teachers leave out all the nasty bits in that happened in between.

In this book you will find out more about the Mexican revolution when Spain invaded Mexico. You will find some famous people along the way like Herman Cortez and find out how some Aztecs mysteriously died.

It’s a horrible history mystery and you will also find why they sacrificed people and animals and their predictions like when they believe the world will end.

I chose this book because I don’t usually like history but this book has all the gore and more. There are over 50books in this series to collect.

I hope you will enjoy this book like I have.

Skyrim review

Skyrim is a awesome game. It is a insane 3d free open world rpg. The game is the sequel to oblivion pretty bad graphics on it skyrim is a huge improvement over it. The main quest line is pretty simple you start off in helgen , where you are about to be executed right before that you choose you’re race theres orc , impereril , nord , kajiit(cat race) dark elf , high elf , wood elf, red gaurd and a argoini (lizzard man) that can breathe under water. Right now my race is a orc and im level 24 the each race has there own unique ability’s  and when I get this for my birthday I imagine I will be playing this a bunch of times because there are so many races to actually clock the game you have to play as all the races and get every unlock able item and do every single side quest in the game


You have a bunch of skills at the beginning each spread out every time you level up u have 1 perk to choose for example archery say u do 10 points damage and you use you’re perk on that to get the next upgrade you have to increase you’re skill to get it.


Pretty much through the game you basically kill dragons its a epic story that will keep you playing for HOURS seriously its all I can think about right now some dragons are more powerful then others but they are all very hard to kill.


skyrim lets you weild a wide variety of weapons and armor,  first there’s hide and fur (for armor only), and the rest can be used to smith weapons and armor iron, steel, elven, dwarvan, and orc armor steel plate armor (very good, take my ADVICE USE IT ). Then there’s glass armor dragon armor and daedric armor.

Through out the world of skyrim, you will find guys that would like you to do something for them if you do it they will like you and will do as you please, some guys can be hired with the right amount of gold.


If you commit a crime a bounty will be put on you’re head if it is low enough guards will say wait i know you,if they say this you are  safe just dont talk to them. If you are engaged in combat with a guard if you sheathe you’re weapon guards will still try to arrest if you don’t want to pay anything just go to jail you have 1 lock pick so be careful not to break it if you do you have to serve you’re time.


Skyrim is a game that will keep you going for a couple of months or a year depending on if not already addicted lol. There are still a few bugs the animation is pretty bad every time a npc(basically that’s just a person in the game) goes around a corner they stop completely and turn around its so annoying. I rate this game 9/10 it is only available on xbox , p23 pc.